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We Pride Ourselves For Kreatively Thinking Outside The Box.

With the highest standard in equipment and knowledge

We Are Here For You.

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SOZO Church 

Drone Shoot


Lexington KY

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Birthday Shoot 

We Are Excited To Help

We at Urban Kreative believe in creating solutions for everyone.


From 4k aerial videography, photography, design, development, marketing, and helping numerous businesses propel forward we can do it all. There is nothing to large or small in this ever changing world our team looks forward to helping you or your company stand out in the crowd.


We pride ourselves for kreatively thinking outside the box.


With the highest standard in the industry paired with advanced equipment, you can be excited that we will capture the moment or give you the best solution just how you want. 


  • Web Design/Development

  • Social Media Management

  • Marketing

  • SEO

  • Graphic/Artistic Design

  • Aerial Videography

  • Aerial Photography 

  • Weddings 

  • Social Gatherings (Large/Small)

  • Music Videos

  • Residential Real Estate Photography/Videography

  • Commercial Real Estate Photography/Videography

  • Construction Site Monitoring

  • Drone Inspection Services

  • 3D Mapping

  • Orthomosaics & Aerial Survey

  • Data Capture & Analysis

  • Marketing Imagery

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Drone Fishing Excursions

  • Vehicle Tours

  • Bridal Showers

  • Birthdays

  • Drone Construction Videography/Photography

  • TV & Corporate Services

*If a service you need isn't listed , that doesn't mean we can't help*

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